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April 2005

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Monday, April 18, 2005

It is official! Today we start the Bloggers 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The scary part? Well that would be that I am about to post pictures of me that were taken this morning. Never in my life have I take a side view picture. But being the brave soul that I am.....

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And the pictures are not all. To make myself publicly accountable I am going to post my weight as of this morning.....Oh I can't believe this.....270

Ok now that I have totally freaked myself out, and realizing that I must get a hair cut this week, I am off to get some more water.

So with all that now behind me I would like to introduce you to my competition (I am so going to win this! I mean that in a very sportmanly way!) Please be sure to visit them and offer some words of encouragement as we all battle it out to see who bloggings biggest loser is!

Brooklynn of Southern Secrets

Bruce of Outhouse Rag

Goldberry of Silver Linings

Jenn of Lady Jade

Jes of Boher time

Laura of Fatty boo

posted by Lee Ann at 8:00 AM
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Purpose in Life?

I know I have missed a couple of nights of posting. I guess that is cause I have been doing some thinking and working on a new venture with a friend of mine. All this has me really thinking about my purpose in life. Do you know what I mean? I am asking myself is this what I am supposed to be doing. I feel that there is more to me then I have been letting out. Now is the time that I have to do it.

What do I want to do?
I want to reach people and be of support and encouragement to them as they tackle the huge task of losing weight. I know that this may not seem like a huge goal or purpose. But in thinking I have realized that it is one thing that I am very passionate about. Getting healthy for me physically and emotionally.

I think there is to much put on the what of eating and not enough put on the why of eating. I am no expert but I know that I have been through many things in my life and they all have led me and taught me that you must get to the bottom of the emotional side of eating if you are going to get the weight off permanently. And that is what we all want to be healthy, able to do the things we have been to embarrassed, ashamed or afraid to do.

It is time that we all learn how to truly love ourselves where we are right now so that when we are thin we will not still have the emotional baggage that led to us being over weight to begin with.

So check back with me, I hope to be rolling out the new website that my great friend Jenn and I are working on.

Until then, do something just for you and leave me a comment about what you did or are going to do.

posted by Lee Ann at 8:17 PM
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Blog Design!

Well after a bit of searching and tweaking I have found a new design for my blog. I would like to know what you all think about it. Sorry to not post a real message tonight I will get to it first thing in the morning!

posted by Lee Ann at 8:37 PM
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


This might seem like a strange topic. Perhaps it is but I have come to realize that my biggest reason for failing at dieting is my own stubborn perfectionism. For a long time I did not really think that I was one of those people that had to have things perfect.

I mean one look around my house would tell you that. Kids stuff everywhere, something unseen holding up this box I am yacking at and the peak of Mt. Washmore getting ready to go through the roof of the laundry room.

Then one day I realized that the reason that things were this way was because I had adapted an attitude of “if I can’t do it all the way, why do it all”. This is not a good attitude to have. Lots of work and many moons forward I was able to over come the evil monster of perfectionism that was cluttering my house.

Since starting this new journey I have been doing some looking within. I see now that every time I have started a diet or exercise plan I have set myself up to fail. I laid everything out to the extreme and did not allow any room for me to be human. I had to do the plan PERFECTLY or I was a failure.

Eventually this led me to a point in my life that I gave up trying all together. I adapted that same “if I can’t do it all the way, why do it at all” motto. As you can imagine with that motto came pounds, more depression and more isolation from the world. Feeling like if I could not do something as simple as eat what is written down then I am really not capable of anything.

So what is different now you might be asking. Well I can’t totally put my finger on it but I would say that the motto is being deleted from my mind. I have made some rules for myself that are required:

  1. I will focus on the things I achieved not those I haven’t yet achieved
  2. Fail is no longer a word that I use
  3. I will pick up right where I am to move forward not looking back
  4. I choose to be joyful no matter what life throws my way

Is it working? Well I don’t know for sure yet, check back with me often to see. I can tell you that I feel great and I don’t feel discouraged in the least. I have chosen to let go of being perfect and just be happy with being me and doing the best that I can do! The weight of diet perfection has been lifted off of my shoulders, it might not show on the scales yet but it will!

Remember live for each moment and embrace the love of those around you.

posted by Lee Ann at 8:00 PM
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fat Chicks On A Mission

Recently I have been able to find this fountain of motivation that has me excited to start working harder to get myself healthier. It is a feeling that I cannot explain but I wish I could bottle and give to everyone that has ever struggled with their weight.

What have I done so far?
1. Well I have not had a cigarette since Sunday (4/10/05) and I only had one the entire day. So I now consider myself smoke free! And the best part, no cravings at all to have one.

2. I have stayed on my low carb-eating plan since Friday (4/8/05). I feel great have more energy and am really starting to feel like I have control over my eating. If you don't believe me read here and see for yourself.

3. I have made 2 new friends that I am really thankful for. They make me laugh, listen to my rambling and give me cyber hugs when I need them. And from time to time they slap me around. Kris and Jenn I am really glad that we crossed paths! There is nothing worse then feeling like you do not have one friend on the planet.

4. I went to the doctor and she is helping me with my weight loss and is helping me to manage my depression. I have been so bad about taking meds until I feel better then stopping thinking I don't need them. Fact is I do and probably will the rest of my life. And I am ok with that now.

I have to say looking at it all in writing makes me feel even better.
Finally I feel like I have a purpose and it is getting better all the time. I am on a mission....A Fat Chick On A Mission!

If you would like to be a Fat Chick On a Mission to then I invite you to join Jenn and I at our new YahooGroup. We are small now but will grow and we are looking to move forward and really beat the stinkin thinkin that hold us back and get ourselves healthy. You can visit our site and join at this link:

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Live each day to it's fullest and enjoy every passing moment. Life is to precious to miss!

posted by Lee Ann at 7:33 PM
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